Summer life is fun •

Summer is the hottest season among the other three. A lot of people don’t like it but summer is one of the best seasons. Summer life is full of fun.
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To refill the water bottle every time you drink is essential work. Otherwise, your mom is gonna kill you.

Putting ice in your brother’s shirt is also a fun moment for elder brothers.

Talking into fan to hear your robotic voice is one of the best childhood memories.

People often go to swimming pool for refreshment. In summer pools are the best way to enjoy it.

But legends are those who don’t waste money on the pool and go to tube wells. Tube well is no less than a pool for villagers.

Taking a bath in summer is also a dilemma sometimes because water is like fire in the noon.

For boys hot bike seat is another challenge.

Most people use Air conditioners in summer but in Pakistan, desi families have only one ac in a single room and all members sleep there.

Then some people don’t use Air conditioners, they use Air Cooler. The air coming from it is too chilling that you can’t sleep without covering yourself.
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But the problem is to fill water in the air cooler.

Then, there are some people who Use prickly Heat powder after taking bath. That powder gives such a cooling sensation you just can’t imagine. :cold_face:

There are also some legends who don’t waste money, electricity, or water. They go to ATM and spend some time there just for Air Conditioner.



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Mangoes and watermelon are love :drooling_face::drooling_face:

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101% Right :rofl:

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Exactly :yum::drooling_face:

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Sitting infront of cooler with water soaked dupatta on gives that Ac wali thandi feeling :joy:. #hostelhacks


Yes, exactly, I forgot to write that.
Ahhh man! :weary:

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Summer is just for much variety of fruits

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haha title prhty hii… mn socha… konsa fun kahan sy aya… But article mn bht mzy ka sb likha hua… :joy::joy:.
Mjy srff watermelon psnd hai summer mn… :yum::yum::heart:

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Yes summer is fun

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Niceeee work

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This is hilarious😂

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Amazing :smiley::smiley:

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Interesting :joy: