Survey: Bigger cash prizes or more winners?

Dear Front Page Community, please help us decide our next Instagram Giveaway incentive by participating in this survey. We are planning to do a Rs 50,000 Giveaway on Instagram sometime in the future and want to understand how should we divide the prize money to motivate the maximum number of people to participate. The question we are trying to find the answer to is: Should we have bigger cash prizes but fewer winners OR should we have more winners but smaller cash prizes?

Imagine a Rs 50,000 Giveaway

If we asked you to mention as many of your followers in one of our Instagram posts to win a cash prize, which one of the following will motivate you the most to participate? The winners will be the people who mention the most number of REAL people.

  • Rs 1000 for 50 winners
  • Rs 2000 for 25 winners
  • Rs 5000 for 10 winners
  • Rs 10,000 for 5 winners
  • Rs 25,000 for 2 winners
  • Rs 50,000 for 1 winner

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Seems Interesting :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Mera khyl tw zyda logo tk cash prize pohnchanay ka hai bhalay wo km hi Kyu na hw…


More winners

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I agree with u

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Current format is fine, though I would tweak it up a little and make 10k for 5 winners. Which would be perfect, as it promotes competitiveness & better content quality with only the best coming at top.

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More winners, bcz it motivates most of the members participating in this platform @FrontPage.PK

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Zyda log participate kre takke awareness zyda ho


I think more winners

I agree with you

I think u should have more winners with smaller prize
Bht log khush to hojaenge at least k hmne b Frontpage se win kya hai… Its all about winning and participating… Prize chota ho ya bara but the thing matters is to WIN :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Did you win?

No, the reason is injustice decision criteria of @FrontPage.PK

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