Taking a stand against harassment went wrong! Institute of Business Administration expels student for publically exposing alleged harassment on campus


Karachi: The Institute of Business Administration (IBA) has expelled a student after he uncovered an alleged instance of harassment that occurred on campus.

In the wake of ousting the student, the university gave an assertion and said that the choice was taken by IBA’s Disciplinary Committee to guarantee the security of students and address their interests on time.

The IBA student, Gibrail, had raised his voice via web-based media about the harassment incident he saw on the IBA premises. Consequently that the administration called insulting the foundation’s standing, the Dean, Registrar, and Chairman DC signed away on his expulsion from the university. The news on IBA ousting a student has, henceforth, getting viral. But why?

Diving further on the matter, incidentally, Gibrail had seen the incident on August 25th. He raised the issue through email which he didn’t get a reaction on. After which, he chose to take this issue to online media, where it got moment virality. Overnight, IBA was being called out for not making a move. In any case, it straightforwardly brought about the IBA student’s expulsion only two months before his graduation.

The expelled, Mohammad Gibrail said on his Facebook handle; What I saw was incredibly hostile and embarrassing. I was stunned that a man could act like that with a woman in an expert setting, that excessively before others. Later I went up to the woman and told her that she ought not to endure this and should illuminate the organization."

Portraying the episode Gibrail stated, "This was the occurrence of workplace harassment that happened before my eyes in IBA’s Finance Department where I saw an individual whom, I asked his character late, named Tanveer shouted at a female employee of IBA in that Finance Department and blasted on her “Mein tumhein Raat Takk bithaonga’.”

“These were the specific words that I heard which enlightened a lot to me concerning that crappy climate that, not caring the personality of a female worker before students, God knows what the genuine hellfire would occur behind that,” he expressed.

Letter to disciplinary committee

Individuals via social media are getting down on the college for expelling the student. Representative Sherry Rehman in a tweet has said that IBA needs to resolve the issue right away.

Source: Geo News

Taking a stance against a social issue went wrong for him. He did his best to highlight what the staff and students face on such a renowned institute’s premises. That shouldn’t be neglected in any way.

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A childish act! That’s why many students don’t take action against such renowed institute because of the fear of getting expelled.

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