Talha Talib: Pride of Pakistan, pulled off 5th place in weightlifting at Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Want to know about his success story?

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The 2020 Summer Olympics, formally the Games of the XXXII Olympiad and marked as Tokyo 2020, is a continuous worldwide multi-sport occasion that is presently being held from 23 July to 8 August 2021 in Tokyo, Japan, for certain fundamental occasions starting on 21 of July.

A 21-year-old boy, Talha Talib from Gujranwala, who is the first weightlifter from Pakistan in quite a while, showed his guts despite not having a mentor in the competition. While weightlifter Talha Talib finished fifth at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the 67kg weightlifting challenge on Sunday, his undertakings saw him get recognition from the country. He was positioned at the top before competitors from China, Colombia, and Italy outperformed him in the last endeavors.

After lifting 150kg in a grab, Talha fell while endeavoring 166kg in the major endeavor at quick lift. He lifted 170kg in his subsequent endeavor to have his overall lift of 320kg making him Pakistan’s first-ever weightlifter to participate in the games in the last 45 years.

He remained board pioneer before Han Mayekon of Korea lifted 174kg in the quick lift, pushing Talha to second place. Later on in the opposition, Colombia’s Luis Javier lifted 180kg and Italy’s Zalmi Mirko lifted 177 in the quick lift. China’s Chen Lijun who lifted 187kg in sacked the gold decoration quick lift, another Olympic record, to have his general lift of 332kg in the opposition.

Picture source: Facebook

In a meeting in front of the Olympics, Talha had featured how the Pakistan Sports Board didn’t arrange any instructional course for weightlifters throughout the most recent three years. The preparation Talha did in his old neighborhood in Gujranwala was an ongoing challenge and marvel. He was preparing in a neighborhood school where he and his loved ones made a make-shift exercise center. He said he went through no less than six hours of preparing every day without taking a lot of rest.

He added, he had prepared himself at a shoddy exercise center in the patio of a school in Gujranwala as he didn’t get any satisfactory facilities from the board.

Prior, Talha had disclosed to The Express Tribune that he needed to win an award for his Olympic introduction.

“I’m setting my heart to win. Regardless of whether I am lifting this load at the Olympics or in a vacant room during isolate, I realize I should be exceptional. I’m viewing it as basically as could be expected. I’m not taking any pressing factor,”

Talha Talib clarified as he left for Tokyo in the extremely early times on July 21. Talha has been a miracle man all through his excursion to the Olympics, as the adolescent needed to confront numerous hindrances that would have broken any customary soul.

He has secured awards in Commonwealth(bronze), South Asian Games (gold), and International Solidarity Weightlifting Championship (gold), as indicated by Pakistan Olympic Association. In recognition of Talha Talib’s outstanding performance at Tokyo 2020, he was presented with a “Letter of Appreciation” by Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad, Ambassador of the Pakistan Olympic Association.

Picture source: Pakistan Olympic Association

He is the real pride of Pakistan with genuine abilities and inspiration for other people.
Thank you for making Pakistan proud.

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