TDF Ghar, Karachi - to satisfy your nostalgic hunger!

The Dawood Foundation (TDF) renovated a 1930s house, which was originally owned by Mrs. Haribai Motiram and was later purchased by Hanifabai Haji Gani. This house, termed, TDF Ghar, was restored to pay tribute to the city “Karachi”. It is located in Jamshed Quarters with a beautiful view of “Mazaar-e-Quaid”.
This nostalgically splendid house is finely embellished with a gramophone, chess boards, chandeliers, mini library, Anglo-Indian Roll-top desk, Remington type-writer, Anglo-Indian Vanity dressing table, known as “Singhara” (which were popular in the previous centuries), and books that will remind you of the pre-partition era. Isn’t it amazing?

The doors of the living room open into "*Sehan Café" with marble top tables, Irani bentwood chairs, and lanterns that surely will envelop you in a bubble of nostalgia.
From the mosaic tiles and the frames hanging on walls to a lovely cafe with a wifi connection, TDF is a perfect blend of past with the modern era.
All thanks to The Dawood Foundation for their creative initiative to reconstruct social and spiritual value amongst our people and to gift us this beautiful public space where all enthusiasts of multiple disciplines ie; art, literature, history, photography, etc can gather under one roof and can enjoy the best of their time.

Are you a person who craves nostalgic places? If yes, then comment on how much this TDF Ghar fascinated you? :slight_smile:

Reference : Abdullah, F. (2017). TDF Ghar - Reminiscing Karachi’s Cultural History. TDF Ghar - Reminiscing Karachi's Cultural History - Youlin Magazine
(Inspired by “Wirasat” Vlog by Abqurah.


Wow…!! This TDF ghar is FANTABULOUS! :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I would love to visit TDF ghar one day!

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Ikr. Me too

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Always a sucker for vintage theme, would definitely check it out!

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This satisfies my vintage heart :heart: