Teacher's negligence resulted in an eye injury of second grader & school refuses to take responsibility


In a heartbreaking episode that might have been brought about by the teacher’s carelessness, caused an eye injury for the kid, the teacher and school administration won’t acknowledge liability.

Guardians of a 2nd-grade student composed an extended post with regards to Mama Parsi School’s carelessness that has caused an eye injury to their daughter during the class.

On the 1st of November, my daughter Aaira sheikh who is studying in class 2 of Mama Parsi school was injured by her English class teacher Ms. Asma Khalik. Aaira has been injured in her right eyeball. This happened when Ms. Asma Khalik abruptly picked up a book from Aaira’s desk during which this book scratched Aaira’s right eyeball. Since then Aaira’s eye is swollen and she is also in a lot of pain. I and my husband had a meeting today with the school principal Furengeez Tampal. During this meeting, the principal Furengeez Tampal apologized to us however they didn’t accept any responsibility for the teacher’s carelessness and instead blamed Aaira for it. I and my husband are very furious at the school’s attitude towards this incident that how can they allow a teacher to get away with such negligence.

As a mother, I am very distressed and upset at my daughter’s situation and would like to send out this message to all parents to not stay silent in the face of such events and join with me to cumulatively raise such issues to the school’s management so disciplinary action may be taken towards careless school employees. Schools are supposed to be safe places for our children where we may comfortably and confidently send them for their personal growth and education. So please join me in voicing our concerns and making sure the school makes the right changes to its system.



Preferably, schools ought to be protected spots for students, where parents can send them with certainty and solace for their self-awareness and education. Any episode of this nature should be essentially bring about the school taking responsibility rather than blaming the victim for the fault while sitting idle.

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