The Corona vaccine: What are some common myths

With every ambiguity there is ease. With dark, there is a chance of light. Similarly, in the case of 2020’s biggest crisis the COVID 19, we seem to have found a solution just like there is the antidote for poison. The “COVID 19 vaccine” the manufactures including Pfizer/ BioNtech, Moderna, and Sinopharm have been authorized for rollout in various countries while the shot by AstraZeneca has been authorized for use by the UK government only. Pakistan also awaits its availability. According to the federal minister for planning, development, and special initiative Asad Umar the target for the release of the vaccine would be the first quarter of 2021. The fatality mark in Pakistan crossed 10,000 and it cannot afford the sustained presence of coronavirus despite 37% of Pakistanis according to a Gallup poll last month would not get the vaccine once it is available. While addressing the common misunderstandings about COVID 19 vaccines the foremost misconception is that it provides some kind of one-shot permanent protection but this isn’t the case as vaccines in general, not just this has an active life of a couple of months, and the effects after sometime wane off, therefore, the standard operating procedures should be continued and precautionary measures should be taken as there have been cases of individuals being infected despite being vaccinated. Another rumor people have been hearing is about the deaths after taking coronavirus vaccines this isn’t true at all as there have been clinically no deaths after the rollout of the vaccine. This spreading of misinformation was due to the Facebook posts of the Alabama nurse dying after taking the vaccine. The Alabama department of public health confirmed that this was all a hoax. But people do die during the trials of any vaccine and yes people have died during the COVID 19 vaccine trials performed by Pfizer/BioNtech. 2 out of 6 have died from a trial of 44,000 who were administered the vaccines. The others have received placebos. The vaccines may have an allergic reaction and allergic reaction in COVID 19 vaccine is rare about 1 in a million. These include injection site reactions, headache, fatigue, muscle pain, chills, joint pain, and fever. These are short-lived. Those with a history of severe allergic reactions have been advised not to take the vaccines at this time. Vaccines almost always have various conspiracy theories. Among the popular theories about COVID 19 vaccine is that they contain microchips. The truth is no microchip is inserted the microchips are not even in use for the production of vaccines and serve an entirely different purpose. Other than these the idea that the vaccines will change humans on a genetic level is also one of the most common myths surrounding us. Professor Jeffery almond of Oxford University was quoted as “injecting RNA into a person doesn’t do anything to the DNA of human cell”. Many people have misunderstood that there is no need for vaccination as the recovery rate is so high. That recovery rate still means that 100 out of 10000 will die. Some people have the misconception that it will infect you with the actual disease itself. This is based on the simple misunderstanding of how vaccines work. mRNA vaccines do not infect you as they don’t contain the virus only some genetic instructions from it. As to conclude COVID 19 vaccine has been fully tested after being rolled out therefore the nation that plans to avoid the vaccine is a patient silly one.

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