“The Current & Foreseeable Future Political Condition of Pakistan”

“In Pakistan, politics is hereditary”.

(Imran Khan)

Curios and chaotic political approach is not a far-fetched concept like it is basically on our nerves. Each social stratum views it with one’s sight. But the question here arises that are we orienting in right direction? The answer to this query is not vague at all, but our critical thinking perspective is! The entire Pakistani community is biased in this time of crisis albeit it should thrive for an approach of unity dimensioning towards nationalism. Infelicitously, this is leading us towards the peak of anarchy and tumult with no gains.

So, where are we ranking now in the current scenario? Literally and miserably nowhere! It’s high time to avoid politics of polarisation and get amalgamated on one forum for national affluence & prosperity. There should be no bickering of political grouping, but discussions should be held regarding the melioration of prestigious political institutions. Objectives & aims should be well-defined now with a crystal clear vision of the interests of the state. The ballot must have a stronger position than the bullet.

PTI, PML-N, PPP, and there are several other names of influential political parties. The dilemma of Pakistanis is that their passion is getting wasted in the wrong conduction. We should ponder upon crisis by seeking lessons from blunders of the nation’s political past. It will succour folks redirecting their vision. Imran Khan became prime minister of Pakistan in 2018. Till now, he has done enormous developmental projects regarding the economy, administration, IT, etc. But, the dominating issue of Pakistan is poverty in this turmoil of Covid-19. Even before Covid-19, Pakistan was suffering from a bitter & poverty-stricken ambience. But now, it has become a gigantic matter.

Disgustingly there is not even a single name from our respected leaders who is sensible enough to tackle this problematic situation. Youth voted PTI, but so far, there is no betterment for them. PML-N was highly corrupted even. What’s the need of the hour? It is relatively uncomplicated but only if one seriously thinks about it. We have to elect those who have sensible plans instead of charming mottos. Practicable visions are the solution to our current political frustration. Now, it’s the duty of PTI to implement its manifesto for national & economic opulence.

The upcoming political era of Pakistan will be based upon how we dealt in confederation with Covid-19. It’s a challenge like no other for the government and state both. Civil-military dissonance & one-sided accountability like terms should be ended for the sake of the nation. The situation of the virus is getting worst day by day, so crucial and consequential strategical moves are essential to build. Then, Quaid’s vision of flourished Pakistan will become a reality after facing all challenges under consideration. Hopes should be high but along with them, firm plans and strengthened verdicts are pivotal.

Death is eternal. Pakistan’s age is now 73 years. Its top three leaders have been crossed their 60’s and are in their middle ages. Realistically, they will not be as active in the next 10 years as they are now. So, in this context, concerns about the future of politics arise. PTI has no heirs for the political future, but Maryam Nawaz from PML-N and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari from PPP is getting prepared to take control. But, the point is that inheritance in politics must be banned now. Only a merit-based and democratic approach should be preferred instead of promoting wrong norms and a false concept of autonomy.

“No man is good enough to govern another man without the other’s consent”

(Abraham Lincoln)

The future of politics will utterly be based on performance. One who performs will sustain a position in the political game; otherwise will be out of the political scenario. So, it is high time for political associations to convert their manifesto into practical ones. Services for the state will be a guaranteeing factor for the success of political parties. It will be beneficial for the country, and also it fits perfectly in their interests. So, this approach should be considered by various political blocks to ensure their constant perspective of political triumph.

Woefully, we lack a genuine political leader who can develop the spirit of nationalism in our youth. Every party exploits youngsters for their interests regardless of scrutiny of national benefits. In the future, meritocracy must be adapted whole-heartedly for leaps and bounds prosperity. It’s the only foremost solution to lawlessness and no accountability. Anti-democratic powers will not want this to happen for sure. But, young and energetic folks should come forward now to save their future. It’s “now or never”. So, youth strive and save Pakistan with ultimate gains of your intellect bestowed by Almighty.

“My biggest challenge is how we can improve our state institutions and governance, so we can tap our potential”

(Imran Khan)


Very well-put. The interference of non-democratic forces has to end for democracy to prevail, that’s the way forward to stabilisation which we’ve not had since inception.

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exactly :heart: