The deplorable state of Pakistan's health system

Even after seventy-four years of existence, Pakistan is still drowned in a plethora of social issues. With unemployment, poverty, inflation, illiteracy, and population overgrowth being the highlight, there are some problems we, as a society, can control. One of these problems is poor health facilities.

Health facility, or simply health system, according to World Health Organisation (WHO), is defined as the organizations and lot of people whose responsibility is to promote awareness about, maintain, and restore health and fitness. The doctors, nurses, hospitals, and clinics along with organizations that offer health facilities as a whole constitute a health care system.

With the advancement in technology, there is progress in the health sector too. New devices are invented on regular basis to help physicians across the globe. The clinicians use the updated version of health facilities to spread awareness, diagnose, and then cure their patients. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Pakistan. Being a developing country, Pakistan is a few steps behind and lacks the proper health facilities.

Health is wealth.

We all have heard the proverb multiple times and by now, we are aware of the meaning too. Health, in fact, is wealth. It is one of God’s blessings which is incomparable and irreplaceable. Even when you have money and power, life is not as meaningful and enjoyable if you are lacking health. And nowadays, it is not a rare thing to lack health, because modernism brought along a surplus supply of diseases. From minor issues like abnormal postures, migraines, and obesity to hypertension, cardiac diseases, and tumors, all are somehow a by-product of our sedentary lifestyle due to modernism. To overcome these diseases, we need an abundant supply of health facilities, which are unavailable in Pakistan.

Our society is in a constant state of perpetual conflict because of the limited resources. Power and dominance have a great impact on a country’s economy. A country with a weak economy, like Pakistan, cannot have influencing health statistics. Polio, for instance, is completely eliminated in the developed countries, but Pakistan is still fighting a raging battle against the disease.

In the era of covid-19, we all heard the news how the hospitals in Pakistan do not have a sufficient number of ventilators to accommodate the patients. Some hospitals go as far as lacking an adequate number of hospital beds.

I am sure everyone one of us has had an experience of visiting a government sector hospital in Pakistan. Certainly, you all must have a good look at the surroundings too. More than one patient is resting on a single stretcher. The basic equipment such as ECG, MRI, and ultrasound are unavailable or so worn out after repetitive use. And even if they are available, the long waiting hours to get these tests never go unnoticed. Moreover, the doctors and nurses are always in a rush to get the work done. Let us not forget the unsanitary and unhygienic conditions of these hospitals. Cats and mouses are spotted roaming around as if they own the place.

Unlike the government sector, private sector hospitals offer better health facilities. They take care of the cleanliness. The equipment is well-managed and looked after. Agreed, the charges are higher than that of government sector hospitals but the health facilities they provide make up for it.

In conclusion, health should be made accessible to people of all social, political, or economic backgrounds without any prejudice. The country should invest in better healthcare facilities, awareness of diseases, and free treatment for poor people should be made an utmost priority. A healthy population will pave the way to a more economically stable country. It is about time the right to health is given to all the citizens of Pakistan.


My anger knows no limits on how depleted our health infrastructure is in this day and time. Are we sure we’re living in 2021 and not medieval era?

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Tell me about it. Most hospitals in Pakistan lack basic equipment. We can only imagine to get latest version prosthetics and cancer treatments.

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From the current state of affairs one can only deduce everything here is being run by God’s support, including the country itself. We the people have given up on bettering it :frowning:

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yes, each and every individual of the country needs to take a stand and make it a better place.

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