Usually, people don’t saw the meanings of the names, they are deciding for their children. They think that, that name is beautiful, short and nice while calling. They are totally unaware of its meaning and consequences.

Names have great impact on the character and personality of a person. I usually meet many persons having the name same as of their qualities.

Names develop different qualities in a person. We don’t notice that. But we find that why he is doing so? Why his behavior is like this? Our environment is not like this why he is such a different guy? All of the answers of these questions lie in the name of a person. So names affect alot of a person.

Let us have some examples.

  1. My name is ZAEEM meaning (LEADER). I have these qualities. I always prefer to be leader. I have many complaints from my school just coz of this leadership. My name is confirmed after viewing its meanings. Am full of anger. I always try to be first in every case. I always work in group and remain leader. All these are the affect of my name.

  2. Second RAHEEM. A very beautiful name. The name of ALLAH. Many people use this name for their child. And i have seen the qualities of kindness (raham) in the children having this name. They are very polite and can’t see anyone in difficulty.

  3. Third one and the most powerful name is ALI. Mostly my friends are ALI. They all are alike. Same in anger. Same in power. As this name is copied from IMAM ALI AS . The most powerful man in islam. So this name reflects those qualities. Even Mola AS have the same qualities of power because of HIS name.

Share your names with meanings and list do you have same qualities as mentioned in your meanings???


My name is Ayesha which means to be happy all the time. So yea the name effects on my kife alot , I can’t bear sadness i always wanted to be happy

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Yeah, names affect your personality, that’s why, its the right of every child to have a good name.
Like a Boy has a name ‘Usman’, so ALLAH will make him Ghani because of the blessing of that name.
Similarly, someone has the name, ‘Abu Bakar’, ALLAH will surely make him Siddique and so on.