"The first step is the thing needed"

The first step is the hardest step.
This thingy right above is absolutely right coz yeah the first step is the only thing that makes hurdles in the way of your success. Your success is like always waiting for you to take the first step. The position of your job, the grade of your school, the mastery in your career. All are waiting for you to take the first step.
The first step is not to really go for a freaking walk :sweat_smile:. But it means for you to make up your mind for achieving success.

The real steps that are absolutely needed to take the very first step are as follows.
Think about what you are actually heading to. Is it the thing that you want or the one you are forced to do? Is the step worth it?
Analyze the circumstances and outcomes of your step…if they worth it hop on the bike of your dreams.
Of course, you can’t just step in the platform of war without any weapon. The weapon that is needed in this procedure is the right planning. Plan what you have to do, how much you have to do, and for how long is it to be done.
Once you are done with grasping the air you lack take the first step with full courage and passion.
Keep the work and effort constant. Don’t stop for the sake of Allah just carry on coz "Allah kisi ki mehnat ko raigan nehi jaane dete"
Failed? Thinking of yourself as a failure? Nah, bro…Dust off yourself and start afresh. Think of the same passion while taking the first step and carry on. I am not only the one saying this but so does Ernest Hemmingway, as he says,

A man is not made for defeat. He can be destroyed but not be defeated.


To conclude, I would like to add that you should be the one want to be not the one you are forced to be so better take the first step on the path where you are interested. The first step may be hard or harder but this will only bring comfort and happiness to you and the ones you care for and love.


And that first step is the most difficult one but it surely encourages you not to waste it.

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I agree with it