The FUNNIEST moment of Your life

The most impressive, funny and horror moments usually appear in childhood. As in our childhood we havw no worries, no work to do then our mind is full of devilry. We always think different ways to tease others. So in my point of view the funniest moments always happens in childhood in majority. Everyone has different views to see the life and to enjoy it. But in my life most of the happiest, funniest and strange events happened in my childhood.let us have a look on the funniest moment of my life.

I was atleast 12 years old. I went to my aunt’s home. We had a party there so we went there to enjoy that day. My cousins were also gathered there. We were meeting after a long of time. After we had our lunch. All were busy in thier talks. Our family members started gossips with each other. Began to exchange their views. And we were getting bored.

After a while , my mind hit with an idea. I gathered my cousins and we went to the roof. There we made a plan.

   I asked them to tie the the handle of 
   door with thread and we will stand on
   the roof . We will pull the thread from
   Roof and that thread will knock the door
   And the house holders will come out and 
  Saw that there was nothing at the door.

We all agree on the idea and do the same. My cousin went out and tied the handle with thread. I am holding the thread on the roof. When he tied the handle he also.came to the roof. After that, i frequently pull the thread turn by turn so that door began to knock. I did it 2 to 3 times. After a second we heard a voice" WHO IS AT THE DOOR?" We began to laugh and knock the door again. After that A men came out of the home and found nothing at the door. He came back inside.

After 2 minutes we did the same act. And we got the same responce . We laughed a lot. And we did this act atleast 10 times and the owner of house was very angry this time. And we were laughing alot.

After the 10th turn, Owner stood just by the door. When we pull the thread and door was knocked he immediately came out and was stunned to saw no one at the door. He began to saw here and there who was knocking the door. At the same time we did the same act and knocked the door. He was shocking and terrified to saw that. He thought that someone was here.

He was just returning to home back, his put his hand on that handle and found a thread there. He saw that it was coming from the right next roof. We started laughing again. He became very angry. He came to our home and told the story to our family. Firstly they also laughed but after that they punished us alot. As that was winter nights.

I enjoyed that day alot and it was the funniest day of my life.

Let share your funniest moments.


My funniest moment goes back to 2006 when I was 6 yrs old playing in a nearby famous park at night while my parents sat on the bench beside. While I was busy playing I fell into the gutter deep inside. All what visible was my head and my parents worried abit then they laughed seeing me in full of dirt and mud :joy::joy:

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:… A great event. Later on you changed in “AMANT CHAND” OR REMAINED THE SAME…



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