The happiest moment of my life

Everyone encounters a moment when they eventually get surprised by their loved ones. And everyone agrees that it is the happiest moments of their lives when their loved ones show how much they love and care for them by giving them a little surprise or treat. And that little act of kindness and love is enough to make a life happy. So now, i would like to let you know the happiest moment of my life. It was the month of Ramadan and my birthday. Coincidentally, my aunt had kept an iftar party for us at her house. She was not informed about my birthday. Unfortunately, my father was not in a good mood, so i thought that i might not get to celebrate my birthday. I wasn’t sad about it because i really didn’t care about birthdays. Just an hour before iftaar, my father, he went out of the house and i thought that a customer might have called him and eventually when we went to our aunt’s house, my father asked us to go inside and wait for him as he according to him he had some work to be done. But when we entered my aunt’s house, just a few minutes later, my father came inside and surprised me with a huge cake in his hand and happily said that:“today! It’s my daughter’s birthday. I love you my beautiful beti!” I was in tears when he hugged me and i felt so loved and good. And everyone from my family had gifts for me hidden in the car. It wasn’t the celebration that made me happy, but the sweet gesture of love my family had showed to me made my day. I have no idea what will i do without my family. According to me, my family is my happy place! Let me know what’s your happy place!


"There is no doubt, When everything goes to hell, your family is the ones who stand by you without blinking.":heart:

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True that!

Indeed, the love of family is a great blessing.

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Family love is unconditional!!!

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