The perpetual dilemma of university going students

“University is fun” they said.

“Trust me” they said.

Have you ever had moments in life where you’ve felt uncertain of what path you’re headed on to? Where apparently everything has seemed eerily ordinate yet so out of place? If not yet, wait till you leave the peaceful life of school and enter university. That’s where all hell breaks loose.

It all starts with the impending doom of clearing your entrance exam, then being a cry-baby about not being able to secure a position until you do so all the while dealing with a never-ending inquisition that starts with ‘beta kya bana phir?’ and ends with a redundant news about who has already gotten in and who’s starting coming Monday or whatever, that leaves you feeling even worse.

Blink of an eye and the next thing you know is you’re in some hostel that’s too famous for its haunting stories than for the facilities it provides, drowning in a puddle of regret that you procrastinated the entire semester AND nestle ki chaye or coffee or whatever drug you’ve gotten used to (noodles zindabad).
Every other semester begins with ‘iss baar sath sath parhna hai’ even though in your mind, truth of it all sits still, gnawing at your thick skull, grinning;
‘tum se na ho paye ga’

The entire year is a complex amalgamation of stresses you never knew existed; short attendance, GPA that could potentially suggest you’re dull but still functional, preparing for every semester not to ace it but to save your ‘izzat’, and the list goes on. By the end of it all, you’re totally convinced you’ve come this far miraculously. You procrastinate hard and pray harder. At least you’re now an ‘acha musalman’ and that’s all that matters. GAINS BRO!
Then there exists the predicament of pocket money. The month begins, you feel like a ‘raees’. And by the end of it, you fulfill the eligibility criteria for ‘zarurat mand who could do with zakat’.

It’s all fun and games until you’re broke and also failing miserably, but it’s okay because your friends are too Dramatic Pause

And that is unquestionably the best thing about university. Friends. Not the show, the hilariously stupid humans you choose to be seen with from a bunch of idiots around.
University can be overwhelming but to those starting or already there, it is incredibly fun filled if your squad is GOALS. It’s a roller coaster but who wouldn’t enjoy with their favorite people around? Laughing at dumb inside jokes, clicking bomb selfies, and planning for ‘party scene’ when you miraculously pass with the mob, removes every downside there is to being a university student.

So, eat, pray and don’t forget to show a little love to your group of idiots. Make university fun despite all odds because, years from now, this will be the most memorable time of your life, shaping the person you are and opening doors to so many life altering opportunities you wouldn’t stumble upon otherwise. (like being a good muslim wink)


Excellent work! I couldn’t agree with you more!

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Hahaha exactly it is so relateable!

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Yeah, it was “fun” alright. 🥲🤣

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Loved it :ok_hand:t2: Too good and relatable.

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rip hostel days :pray:t2:

Thank you! I needed this


Ahhhh bring back all the memories - that zakat moments lol ps: love your writing skills(comes from a politics article writer😉) and damn that vocabulary - in salay goron ne tu apni angerazii kharab ker di

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Soo true…
Had been waiting for someone to point out this exact point of a student in a university
All work and no play make jack a dull boy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nicely written. Aptly described the university life. :+1:

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This time is the most precious time of anyone’s life

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well written :clap::clap:

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your style of writing and putting in everything minute is commendable :clap:

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Thankyou (: