The Rising journey of Sunsets

The scenetic view where your senses started to mesmerize where your thoughts started to take flight where your presence started to fade away where you and only your thoughts prevail. Yes i am talking about the “beautiful sun rise and sunsets”.

Many of us wanted to know from where in the world first sun rise occur?

There are many confusions regarding this but mostly say that it would be New Zealand that can see the very first sunrise as it is the last habitat country in the eastern side. But there’s another island called Caroline island which is the farthest point in east and will surely be the first one to see first sun rise but there is no habitat. The east cape of New Zealand has the hounour of witnessing the first sun rise.

Also Samoa was the last country who sees last sunset of the world but changing his position in date line it has become the first country in the world but changing it’s position doesn’t mean it will have first sun rise due to the curvature of Earth.

Now American Samao is the last place to see the last sun set.


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This is the best time! I always enjoy the sunset :city_sunrise: and sunrise :sunrise_over_mountains: moments.
When I used to get up for university I enjoy the cool morning breeze.
And at sunset a cup of tea and loads of memories and adventures :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
These moments remind us!
Every sunset gives us one day less to live but every sunrise gives us one day more to hope so always hope for the best!

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Thank you for the piece of knowledge…Sunsets always make us to think intellactually.

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the beautiful time following the golden hour :heart: Really interesting

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Woooh! Interesting

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@ImanAamir Indeed

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Don’t know whenever we saw this scene we find ourselves lost :thinking:

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Thank you :heart_eyes:

There’s a lot to write lekin smjh nai ata kia kia likhen

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Sahee baat hai​:heart::heart: