The spectacular celestial summit on 10 Jan!

This weekend the evening sky will be adorned by a chief terrestrial summit of the three planets Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn. It is said that three planets will fit into a circle smaller than 5 degrees in the low southwestern sky. The majestic conjunction will pertain for 35-40 minutes.
Brilliant Jupiter, medium-bright Mercury, and dimmer, yellow-white Saturn will be encompassed within a 5-degree circle from Jan. 8 to Jan. 12, appearing closest together on Jan. 10. The thing that makes it more fascinating is the fact that the composition will modify every evening. The effect primarily is due to the speedy motion of Mercury relative to slow-paced Jupiter and Saturn. The pattern will change into an equilateral triangle from a stretched triangle.
Mercury and Saturn are assumed to form the base angles and Jupiter at the top. Each side roughly will be 2 degrees. Binoculars are strongly suggested however, in the last evening Mercury and Jupiter will be visible without aid.