The Words we couldn’t pronounce in our childhood

Childhood is the most fun and innocent period of one’s life. The most funny memories of our lives are also from childhood. Back then, there were few words we could not pronounce and look up to the people who can pronunce them effortlessly. Two of the words which I can recall from childhood are; “Abkar” . My dada abu’s name was Akbar and I were never able to name him correctly. Now I feel how simple and easy it was. The second one is “Show case”. I used to call it “shay cose” (شے کوس) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Even now,at times, I forgot how to pronounce it correctly because of similar sounds.

I’m sure you guys do have your memories of such kind. Would enjoy if you share in comments section :relaxed:


I even have this problem I can’t pronounce those words having چ چ …:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my hearing or what - but as a child, I always heard the word exhaust fan as exar hussain. That’s how I kept pronouncing it until I was eventually corrected by my dad :joy:

i’ve issue with those words ر ڑ#alwys make the mess :joy::joy:

hahahah that’s hilarious. it’s similar to my sister who used to say “malik rasheed” to milk shake :joy:

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yeah I believe we all had this issue :sweat_smile:

hahah imagining words coming out :grin:

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Hahaha :joy::joy::joy: