The world's most expensive face mask made of natural diamonds

Last year, when the coronavirus spread around the world, the demand for masks increased everywhere, and now, over time, these masks are being given more innovation.

Now people, especially women, are avoiding the epidemic as well as using it as a fashion and preferring beautiful masks.

Recently, Isaac Levy, head of an Israeli luxury jewelry brand, developed a face mask that is the most expensive mask in the world.

He said one of his old customers had challenged him to make a mask that was FDA approved and at the same time the most expensive mask in the world.

“It was very difficult for us to make this mask because we had to put jewelry in it and at the same time make it comfortable,” said Isaac Levy.

The head of the luxury jewelry brand, along with his team, created a mask worth 1.5 million dollars, which weighed 250 grams, 18 carats of gold, and about 3,608 natural black and white diamonds, weighing 9 ounces.