These Pakistani Dramas Have Destroyed The ‘Father-Daughter’ Relationship And It Needs To Stop. What Do You Think?

Most of the Pakistani population is rooted in patriarchal norms and customs. These self-made traditional values continuously add to our society’s misogynistic morals, which increase crimes against women, as she is often burdened with the responsibility of carrying the family’s honor.
Instead of eradicating this thought process, Pakistani dramas continue to further this mindset by introducing increasingly alarming tropes and scenarios in their episodes.
An extremely popular storyline in the present dramas is the female protagonist VS the entire world (including their own family) situation. In many dramas, the father figure is shown to be in distress because he cannot handle his daughter’s misfortunes.

The said misfortunes are often associated with the daughter’s marriage and parental burdens, which escalates our society’s regressive mindsets.

Mehrposh – The father gets a heart attack when the female protagonist’s husband divorces her in front of the entire family. The father dies as he could not bear the dishonor his daughter’s misfortune brought the family.
Yaariyan – Another father ends up dying when he realizes how his one daughter toyed with his other daughter’s life.
Jhooti – The father succumbs to a heart attack here too due to constant blackmailing and torture by the ‘troublemaker’ daughter. Only here, the mother is shown to have died previously due to constant disturbances created by the daughter.
Uraan – This drama also shows the heart attack scene when the father’s nephew threatens to marry the daughter forcefully.
Ghalati – The father dies of a heart attack here too when he sees his daughter being divorced amidst a family gathering.

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