Things We Did In Childhood That Make No Sense Now

We tried to balance the electric switch in between on and off.

We make holes in the eraser with the pencil.

We tried to push all the colors of a pencil at once.

Putting some gum on hand and let it dry after that peeling it was also fun.

We used to insert the pin in our finger and tell our friends how brave we are.

We used to speak in fan to hear our robotic voice.

We played with rice when mom was cleaning it.

We used to close the fridge door slowly to check if the light turns off or not.

We walked on tiles without touching its border lines.

The fact is we all did these nonsense things in our childhood. But that childhood life was the best part of life, where we don’t have to face any kind of trouble, tension, or depression.


Whenever i look back at my childhood, the only word that come on mind is **“CRINGE”**:joy:

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bacchpan kay bhi kia mazy hoty thy.

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Damn! Thats the most relateable post i’ve read in a while

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lolz, that’s right dude :joy:

Yesh, I want my childhood back.

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Thanks for appreciation. :blush:

I’ve done all above mentioned things😝

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