Three men in Lahore gang-raped a 12-year-old boy and filmed him

The rape epidemic is increasing in Pakistan day by day. According to the statistics and data obtained, at least 11 rape cases are reported daily with over 22,000 rape cases reported to police in the last six years from the country.


Following that, another shameful incident took place in the Sandaa area of Lahore where three men sexually assaulted a minor boy. The 12-year-old boy was gang-raped by those culprits and they also filmed him. Moreover, they sent the video to the father of that victim boy.

According to the police, the case was registered against those suspects upon the complaint of rape victim boy. After that police then arrested them.

To be honest, police instead of arresting the rapists should publicly hang them. Otherwise, such incidents will occur again and again. Pakistan is an Islamic state and Islam strictly prohibits such acts then what are those things that are disturbing the minds of people and they end up doing this all. Of course, their lustful minds never spare any girl or boy, young or old and also dead or alive. It leads to the conclusion that no male or female is safe in the country.

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