Through Timeless Time

Who we are now is not who we were last year, past week, yesterday or even a minute ago. Life never stands still no matter what we do. Even the sunlight reaching Earth isn’t fresh - it is 8 minutes old. So let’s face it: many of us choose to hang on to things that at some point have hurt us or angered us. If we choose to hang on to them, we will never move forward and we could even create physical or medical damage to our bodies.

There is a simple process that gets the mind moving in a new direction and you start building negative energy created from the negative events/emotions, which only attracts more negative situations. When you begin focusing on more positive things then you initiate attracting more soothing situations.

It is hard to tell someone to just cheer up and wait till everything gets all right but it is factuous that Time heals all wounds. The notion that, “Only dead fish flow with the flow” is not concrete. We are all somewhat and somewhere flowing in Time, waiting for us to reach that one sweet place we have always yearned for but never really thought of.

All we need is a pint of faith and a strong heart. One thing is for real; No one is gonna support your strengths but many will come to turn you down at every point. What you require to fetch is that ray of hope; be it a person, memory or character. The rest will follow.


A good read!
Amazing piece :heart:

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Your topic is amazing and you have talked about it aesthetically.
Everything is temporary Even time is passing fast. There are some moments in life that have a profound effect on our minds. They can be bad or good. But here the prominent word is moments,which we can make again with good people, good vibes and with positive attitude.

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I value this comment for its genuinity :heart:

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Really glad that you could relate to it :heart:

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