Tokyo Summer 2020 Olympics, Pakistan, and its drawbacks

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As of late, Olympics Tokyo 2020 conflicts and dubious discussion when two of Pakistan’s most dazzling competitors botched the chance of a gold medal. Arshad Nadeem- the javelin thrower and Talha Talib- the weightlifter both called the fifth position in Tokyo Olympics 2020. Yet, the fundamental fact of discussion was the lacking components looked at by the two of them.

Pakistan unforeseen’s gourmet expert de-mission to the Tokyo Olympics Brig Zaheer Akhtar Sunday expressed his disappointment over botching a once in a lifetime chance of winning a medal that might have been a gold even, as exceptionally capable Arshad Nadeem was equipped for contacting 90-meter mark, had he and his mentor remained fixed on accomplishing a definitive objective preceding the finals.

“Nonstop social media usage by Arshad and his coach in between the qualifying and final rounds turned out to be the main reason behind this failure. When he sent javelin to over 85 meters in the qualifying round, the Indian coach who trained the gold medalist Chopra was on record to have said that Arshad was the biggest threat to his athlete, having all the potential to win even gold. Such was the impact of his qualifying round performance where he hardly put his full effort and yet he reached over 85. The Indian camp was wary of Arshad and his potential.”

Video message shared before the finals:

Brig Zaheer said despite clear directions, both Arshad and his mentor Fayyaz Bokhari were seen using online media uninterruptedly. Afterward, it was discovered that they even have sent untimely recordings back home most of the way into the opposition that was a demonstration of complete indiscipline. His mentor was in any event, chatting on the phone when finals were going on however I don’t know with whom he was conversing. That is the main reason why Arshad didn’t realize that time was expiring for his last toss. His weak last endeavor was made carelessly.

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We as a whole know, that both of the competitors were denied significant accommodations and facilities. They had no earlier preparation and training sources. They had no help monetarily are truly from the public authority of Pakistan. According to the public that was the principal reason for losing the chance of accomplishing a gold medal. Putting our slip-ups on another person is our entire side interest.

Be careful in case you will attempt to win an award for this country in the Olympics or some other global games. Keep sports similarly as something side and not as a profession, since you can depend on sports in this nation to procure your meat and potatoes. This nation has not regarded its medalists and champions previously and they were left to starve on the streets and the roads and the future doesn’t appear to be persuading for the athlete of this country.

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This man you find in the picture is a previous Olympian of Pakistan, a first-class, and a gold medalist in Asian games. He continued driving this cart for the remainder of his life and kicked the bucket in outrageous two or three years prior.

Additionally, here’s an account of a won 21 person decorations for Pakistan from Guinness World Records. Farhan Ayub from Lahore has 21 Guinness World Records to his name! No doubt, he has broken 21 diverse world records.

Be that as it may, you realize what is he doing well at this point?! Selling every one of the shirts that he wore to go after the Guinness World Records and his triumphant shirts and even medals so he could take care of himself and his family.

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Farhan is selling each shirt that he wore while taking an interest in esteemed Guinness World Records for 300 rupees each on a street-side slowdown. In case it was for any European nation, the US, or some other Asian country, they would have come down dollars on this person! His entire life would have been secure after winning 21 world records. He would have gotten different public distinctions and so forth?

This is a snapshot of stress, tbh! What’s more, I’m dumbfounded thinking about this! What’s your stance on it?


This is really heartbreaking ke Pakistan main winners ki koi value nahi. :zipper_mouth_face: chahe medal bronze ho ya gold un athletes ki pori life effort krte hi guzar jati hai.

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Neeraj Chopra from India with a gold medal and Arshad Nadeem from Pakistan finished 5th. Here is a contrast in their respective stories and this reflects the interest of our authorities in sports!



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Pakistan main famous hone k lie pehlay marna parta hai! :sneezing_face::sneezing_face:
That’s really saddening!

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