Top 5 National & International News You Must Know!

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First one is from Pakistan .
Do you remember the boy “Maro mjhe Maro” ?
He has made the Nation proud .
Momin saqib named common wealth youth Covid 19 Hero at 2020 common Awards for co-funding one Million meals.
He is awarded in recognition of “Meaning full change” in society .


Islamic world and international media is trending this news after Srilannka issued a statement that they will soon ban burqa .
Sarath weerasekera , the country’s minister for Public Security , signed a paper on Friday for cabinet approval to ban burqa on “national security grounds”
He further said in a news conference on saturday , " It is a sign of religious extremism that came about recently. We are definitely going to ban it .


Strange study came forward that due to lockdown session Panedemic has brought a cleaner water and air to this polluted world .
A question is for You to comment on is that (Should we do lock down regularly from time to time to improve our environment ?



Beijing & parts of North western China were covered in a heavy layer of thick dust on Monday brought by heavy wind blowing in from the Gobi desert .
Chinas National Meteological center said on its website that " this is the most intense sand storm weathers the country has seen in 10 years .

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Thanks shahiyyah izaz for sharing this interesting information😊.there will be no need for lockdown if everyone create a sense of responsibilty for the country.

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But problem starts here that not everyone heeds his obligation and results are destructive …
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