"Tragic event; The mosque was turned into a Brawery in Lahore"

In a tragic incident in Lahore, a holy shrine like a mosque was turned into a Brawery.

It has been revealed that wine was made in the quarters of a local mosque in Green Town area of ​​Lahore. Accused Naeem alias Naboon, involved in this heinous act,and he had rented the quarter of Jamia Masjid Hanafia Ghousia Kir Kalan village.

Police have registered a case and arrested the accused.
The accused had set up a Brewery in the mosque quarters.
A case of desecration of the shrine was registered against the accused. Police recovered ready-made and raw materials from the spot.
Police took action against the accused two days ago.

He added that no one can doubt the preparation of wine in a holy place like a mosque That is why they decided to build a Brewery in the mosque quarters.
The accused said that They have been making wine here for a long time. And selling it locally,
Some people there lodged a complaint with the police, After which the police took immediate action and raided the brewery.
The accused were immediately taken into custody and a case was registered and further legal action is being taken.

It should be noted that There has been an increase in illegal bars in Lahore.
However, law enforcement agencies have failed to take any significant action in this regard.
In this regard, a recent incident took place in the quarters of the mosque regarding the preparation of wine.
Public say to the government needs to take effective action against illegal bars.


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