True love or stupidity? Fanatical lover broke all of his teeth to please his girlfriend


A rare incident took place in Gujranwala where an obsessive lover Mudassar broke all of his teeth from jaws just to please his girlfriend. He made a necklace out of those broken teeth and gifted it to her girlfriend.

The story is that Mudassar’s girlfriend Mehboob scoffed at her friend Ashiq for overeating. He The 17-year-old Mudassar took it seriously and said:

“I will not have any teeth and I will not be able to eat more food again.”

For this, he pulled out his teeth from both jaws and made a necklace out of them. The obsessive lover gifted this necklace to his girlfriend. Since then a few pictures of this lover have also gone viral on social media. People are criticizing the young man for doing such foolishness.

We come across many same incidents of this type in daily life but this one is really rare. Is this true love or stupidity? Share your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

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