"Trump has made good policies towards Afghanistan, hopefully Biden will not back down"

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that after the success of controlling the first wave of Corona, the people did not take precautionary measures which caused the damage.

Addressing the Pakistan Strategic Dialogue under the World Economic Forum, the Prime Minister said that strict implementation of SOPs has to be done again, hotspots have been detected and the smart lockdown has been done. We preferred smart lockdown compared to the world.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we are concerned about the increase in corona cases in Pakistan, Pakistan can not afford lockdown in businesses and factories, we are taking steps that do not affect the economy. Unlike the lockdown, we have banned unnecessary public gatherings. Foreign investment in Pakistan is also improving.

Imran Khan said that we took action against money laundering, 17 years later Pakistan’s current account deficit was in surplus, there was a gap of 40 billion between imports and exports, Pakistan is fortunate that the business community has confidence in us.

“After gaining stability, we are now moving in a positive direction. With the lockdown, we also protected the daily wage earners. Because of C-Pack, Pakistan needs skilled people. Unfortunately, we have problems with India,” he said. It is hoped that with proper leadership in India, relations with Pakistan will return to normal.

Imran Khan said that with the help of Pakistan, the US and the Taliban came to the negotiating table. Hopefully, peace will come in Afghanistan, peace in Afghanistan will benefit the surrounding areas, President Trump made good policies towards Afghanistan, hopefully, Biden will not back down from those policies.

In his address, the Prime Minister also said that Pakistan wants farmers to get higher prices, Pakistan would welcome investment in the automobile industry, Pakistan wants investors to have facilities and benefits here, Pakistan wants to provide cheap energy to industries. Small business development is Pakistan’s top priority.