Try not to laugh: Monkey visits barber to get a shave

We have seen that men always visit the barbershops to get haircuts and shave. Certainly, everyone will wish to look nice. That’s why both men and women nowadays take grooming seriously as they care about their beauty standards seriously.


Apart from people visiting beauty salons for their regular grooming, monkeys are also taking it seriously now. Wait what, seriously? A video is doing rounds on the internet in which a monkey can be seen visiting a barbershop to get a shave.

IPS officer Rupin Sharma shared the hilarious video on Twitter and said that now the monkey will look ‘smart’ after he visited the ‘beauty parlour’.

In the whole video, the monkey can be seen sitting calmly and patiently on the chair and enjoying his shave. Surprisingly, when the barber combed his facial hair and trimmed it with an electric trimmer, the monkey wasn’t scared of the trimmer too. He even followed the barber’s commands too.

By any stretch of the imagination, no one would’ve thought that one day, the monkeys will get a shave. It’s like a pie in the sky.

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Very Funny :rofl:. Try to Make these funny post as well.

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