Two women in station barbarically beaten by civilian under police's nose

Kasur Police

Kasur, Punjab; Two robbery and murder suspect women, were subjected to beatings with sandal by an ordinary woman citizen in the presence of police officials. Officials present at the occasion were sub-inspector Haider Ali and a lady constable named Ayesha, the illegal confession extracting method was being conducted in the office of policeman in question, female suspect who had been seen thrashing the accused is identified as Sajida. Women in custody were ordered to lie down, face facing floor, then vehemently hit with footwear, slapped, had their hair pulled by woman(report lodger) who didn’t have any capacity nor business being there.

Video (viewer discretion advised);

Rather than abiding by law and processing case in accordance with rulebook, constable Ayesha kept busy filming the blatant lawlessness episode on aggressor’s cell phone camera. Both police officers fully assisted her in assaulting accused women, thus violating department’s esteemed code and high-regarded guidelines, meant to be followed under every situation when donning uniform to perform noble duty that is serving of justice. Upon video’s circulation on internet, which somehow got leaked to public, a fierce reaction calling for accountability of guilty arose, calming down only in Kasur Police arresting all three perpetrators and firing involved officials from their respective positions. This exemplary stiff action transpired in light of Inspector General Punjab’s command.

Kasur Police

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