Two women stripped naked, paraded and beaten on the accusation of theft. Where are we heading as a nation?


Several incidences of societal violence against women have been reported, in which women have been purportedly assaulted by locals and family members over dowry and thievery.

A similar tragedy occurred in Faisalabad, one of Pakistan’s prime cities. Two ladies were stripped naked and abused by villagers after being accused of stealing. The event occurred at Millat town Bazar, where dozens of people surrounded the women and shut them inside the shop. The women had come to get some water.

According to reports, no one intervened to stop individuals from abusing the women, and several were filming the incident on their phones. The authorities took action against the accused after the video went viral, arresting five people.


Women were stripped naked after being tortured by the accused, according to CPO Dr. Muhammad Abid Khan, urgent legal action was initiated against them. He stated that the defendants would be harshly punished.

Ripping a poster in a factory endangers Islam but this doesn’t? Where are we heading as a nation? There’s something seriously wrong with people in this country? Why do people don’t help and instead remain busy making videos?

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