Unbelievable increase in OIL PRICES BY OUR PM IMRAN KHAN

Alhamdulilah , petrol prices in Pakistan reach to an unbelievable amount. Its 159.8 today. Wao! What an achievement by our PM IMRAN khan. It was never seen in the history of Pakistan that our petrol , diesel prices were so much high that a common person was unable to buy it.

I think he is doing so because he know that people have nothing to do now, have nothing to eat , people are dying so he increased the oil prices so that people will not buy it to burn themselves.

Second reason for which he increased prices is that he don’t wanna make his youth useless and valueless so he increased the prices due to which youth will not buy it and remain in their homes and not waste their time in roaming. And remain in home and study well.

One day when he was not the ruler , emperor and the PM of Pakistan, he used to say that i will do this , i will do that , no will cry in my rule , no will sleep hungry in my era , all people will be employed even the foreigners came in Pakistan to be employed… But now all these sayings are proved wrong!!!

…No one is employed.
…Unemployment rate is increased
…Majority of our population sleep hungry just
because of inflation
… People are crying on their decision
…They are doing suicides
… Parents are killing their children and themselves , only because they are not able to provide them with food even for one time in a day
… Street crimes are increased…
… More thieves come in action
… Government servants are being tortured
And many more i am unable to mention all because these are countless.


You are right we are in NEW PAKISTAN. Where you are finishing poverty by finishing the poor. Wao! PM your strategy . I solute to your strategy. No one can think like this. The only way to finish poverty is to finish the poor and its only possible by inflation. And you are playing very important role in inflation and killing the poor.

“Once he said that when you saw that there is inflation in your country then understand that your Ruler is corrupt…”

Now what will you say our beloved PM sahib???

You are not corrupt now? Where is your justice now???

I myself was a great supporter of Pm , even all other educated and literate persons were his supporter just because of his education that we will receive an education leader who will bring us up immediately…
But we all were wrong!!! :pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive:

We choose him for our destruction ourselves…

PM sahib who will control this inflation now???

Who will bring this petrol price down now?

Who will bring those poor back who only suicide and killed their beloved just because of you??

Who will bring that cooking oil prices down which reaches to 450 per liter which is out of a poor’s range???

Ohhhh!!! Where are you sleeping ??? Are you mad or blind??? Or out of senses?

You are not watching all these things in your country???

If you can manage a team in 1992 it doesn’t means that you are able to manage a state with 22 crore people… Please forgive us!!!.we admit our mistakes … Please leave us!!! We dont need your new pakistan keep it with you. We need our old pakistan. Where we have rights to live. You have snatched the right of living from us…

Your beloved are not dying so you are blind now and not watching anything around you! Even your leaders under you are more corrupt and illegal. All your government is corrupt and useless and even valueless. They have no idea how to run their perspective fields.

Please think about us…:pensive::pensive::pensive::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy: You are snatching the rights of living from many people. I dont know how you sleep daily?

No one is responsible for the crimes happening in our country. Only your and your leader under you are responsible for this… When people don’t have jobs and their is so much inflation they will definitely do wrong things to be fed up!

When people don’t have any food and any work they will do bad things their minds will do nothing and in return they will think wrong ideas and do wrong…

So in my point of view, the crises our country are facing today are just because of you and your government our beloved Imran Khan…


Blast from the past!


Speechless :zipper_mouth_face: mujha ni smjh ata ab ma is banda ko bolo kia pata ni kia kr rha ya!!!

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Upcoming general elections will be interesting because now all 3 major parties are tried and tested.


I have no interest in our politicians now all are corrupt and useless

Ap ab articles ni likhti :thinking: