University Life in Pakistan

University Life in Pakistan


University life in Pakistan is same as the university life in any other country.

I think so people are curious to know about the university life of Pakistan because Pakistan is an Islamic Republic (It is just a thought).

Campus Life:

The campus life is same as you have in any other country. Girls and boys everywhere. Eating, walking and talking to each other.
We do the same fun that people do everywhere in the world.


We arrange our trips after a few months. Not the university arranges it for us but there are organizers that are amongst the students who arranges and organizes trips to different mountainous areas mostly. We do fun out there. You know people enjoy with friends so, we do the same.


Yes, we also have parties at night in hotels where we have food at the end of every semester. function and food are the main things there.


We have semester system here. So, we have two sessionals and a lot of quizes, presentations and assignments in a week. Then we have our finals at the end and before finals we have our welcome and farewell party.

Oh Lord! Studies are really tough. You need to stay awake for the whole night and even then you have something to do that is still remaining. Semester exams are the last exams at the end of the semester and they are heck tough. You rarely get a holiday between two exams.

Then you have to submit your final project aaccording to your field of study.

Student Week:

Student week is done at the beginning of the semester. Different functions and sports are the part of it.


Our university conducts regular seminars on different topics and it also conducts seminars on personality development.

Leadership qualities and expertise in their related studies are what they want in a student.

That’s all about the university life in Pakistan.


University life is really good until and unless you experience it😂


And the remaing extraa khup is also included in the basic day at any campus… To which every student got used too… But honestly at the end of the day it is good to be a university student


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This life will be more beautiful if there is less study, more trips and having a whole student month not just a student week. :grin:

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