UN's Climate Change Report predicts a 'Code Red' scenario - Are we doomed?

Image: CNN
Recent wildfires in Greece and Turkey have wreaked havoc in the countries. In Turkey alone, 223 wildfires destroyed over 60,000 hectares of land, caused above 800 injuries and even 8 deaths. The wildfires have taken even more of a toll on Greece, with 93,000 hectares of land burnt down and 20 human causalities. Just a couple of weeks ago, Belgium, Germany and parts of Europe were struck by catastrophic floods while various parts of the world continue to be struck by drought. Disasters like these are indicative of a severe climate crisis across the world.

According to the Climate Change Report issued by the UN, human activity is making temperatures around the world rise faster than ever recorded in history. Carbon dioxide levels in the air are currently higher than ever, contributing to a rising greenhouse effect. Extreme weather conditions are becoming more frequent and are likely to get worse. All of these circumstances present a seemingly apocalyptic global condition. The question is, is there hope for salvation?

While the planet is speculated to continue getting warmer in the coming years, there is still hope to prevent the most adverse effects of the situation. This would require collective effort towards a sensible lifestyle and cutting down fuel emissions. If a negligent attitude towards the crisis continues, we might have to face adverse consequences in the form of natural disasters, mass extinctions and destruction of habitats.


Global warming is now clearly showing its presence!

Today, a city of Sicily, named Syracuse, recorded the highest ever temperature of Europe as confirmed by the meterologists.
The temperature, today, touched the highest ever in Europe, at 48.8 degrees centigrade.
Now this is something very serious!!!

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Source: The Independent