Violence against minor communities in Pakistan

"You are free; you are free to go to your temples, You are free to go to your mosques or to any other places of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion, caste or creed - that has nothing to do with the business of the state"

These were the words of the man who carved Pakistan on the map with his blood and sweat. Pakistan was meant to be a state with no religious and racial discrimination. The ideology was to create a state where every individual was supposed to be given equal chances to live and advance.
But regrettably, we have failed here too as a nation. Several incidents reported in the past have proved that religious bigotry has rooted deep in our society.

In 2019 A Hindu girl Nimrita was found dead in her hostel room. It was found after investigations that the girl was raped and murdered. The body was hanged in her room so to mimic suicide.

Another incident was reported two months back when two Christian men, Haroon Ayub and Salamat Mansha were registered for the case of blasphemy only because of reading Bible in the public park.

Another victim named Nena was dragged forcefully from her home back in 2018. The girl was forcibly converted to Islam and was made to marry a man named Chang. According to Nena’s counsel, the 12-year-old girl was forced into prostitution. Luckily after numerous hearings and struggles of 3 years, Nena’s mother Devi got her daughter back.

Even the Shia community does not feel safe here. Just a few months back Shia genocide of the Hazara Community was the headline on the front page. Hundreds of Shia were subjected to massive killing and violence.

We all feel aggrieved when innocent Muslim minorities suffer or are labeled as terrorists in the world. But the question is Why we don’t feel the pain when the minor populations in Pakistan are subjected to such violence and hatred? And what is the basis of this hate? only that they are non-Muslims?! Among the many virtues Islam taught us, Tolerance and Equality are one of them. But do we, the so-called Muslims have these traits within ourselves?

Our people are so much brainwashed by these self-claimed Mullahs and Ulemmahs that we get triggered when Saba Qamar twirl in the mosque but remain silent when Molvi raped a girl while teaching Quran.

Forced conversions, murders over blasphemy, Destruction of places of worship have become accustomed here.

Everyone, be it a Hindu, Christian, Ahmadi, Shia, or devotee of any other religion should be given equal right to live, to worship, and to BREATHE!

We, the current generation, are the future of our country. We have seen much injustice. Now it’s time to speak for the sake of Humanity. Speak for your Non-Muslim friends. Humanity is not reserved to any religion, it belongs to the whole of Mankind.

We must have to incorporate tolerance in ourselves. Differences of religion or opinion should never result in Hate. If you want to criticize something wrong, criticize it respectfully. Practice dialogues instead of a massacre.

Only then it will be fair to speak for the Muslim minorities suffering in other parts of the world.
Our country needs a revolution, let’s vow to bring that revolution!


It’s great but I didn’t agree with you a bit …Looking at the cases you’re right But we can’t ignore the other side of the picture where 80% of Doctors are Non Muslims… I’m Studying in a university where The VC is Non Muslim 80% of my professor are non Muslim and In CSS minorites got Separate seats…And even I saw that many scholarship program for minorites… Many Job opportunities and even in the Army naval fields Minorites are welcome to apply…So If there is a black background there is white one too…:heart:


Well written! Good luck!

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shukkar kisi ne tow himmat ki bolne ki hearing this kind of news give you goosebumps as a state of peace we should give equal rights to our brothers of minor communities too


This type of news made me sad.

AS A PAKISTANI I CAN FEEL THE PAIN OF MY BROTHERS IN MINOR COMMUNITIES ughh it feels so sad to hear this kind of news

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Finally someone said it

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totally agree with your post i was waiting from so long for this kind of article …

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okay but can i aks you whats the point of the first pic i didnt get that

Well Writtennn​:heart: Finally someone spoke for Shia community tooo :heart:

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Very well written and with precision

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Somebody needed to speak on this and kudos to your courage for coming and speaking on this topic

Quaid e Azam said that all of us are free to worship the religion we follow but sadly the mindset od our society is still not developed according to what Mr. Jinnah said

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Thankyou for speaking on the topic that is still considered taboo

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My heart aches for our minor communities for not getting the rights they were promised at the time of partition.
Thankyou for highlighting such an important topics, this needs to reach and be heard

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The minorities of Pakistan is as much responsible for the creation of our homeland as us and it’s high time we give them the rights they deserve

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Ajay I agree with you. In fact it is great that minorities are given chance and opportunities to grow? But all the links and the news I shared is also a prove that sectarian violence still exists. And my point is that, that this hate over caste and creed should stop so that Minorities feel safe here in Pakistan
Hazara’s Shia genocides, forced conversion these all shows that hate over other religion do exists.

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thank you Irum! :heart:

Yes. It is our duty to speak against injustice irrespective of caste and creed.

Look as you know that the green color in Our flag represent the Muslim majority and the white part represents all the other non muslim minorities, As you see that a man is painting that white part green too, which shows the massacre which is happening around the country to wipe out the Non muslim minorities

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