Virtual classes cannot replace the traditional class system

A traditional classroom goes way back to as we can remember. It is the most reliable way to teach students to help engage, interact and participate with full zeal, zest, and enthusiasm.
Ever since the pandemic broke out, the world took its turn as every sector had to face challenges together with the education department. Schools were closed, the mode of teaching shifted from in-person to online.

In a real classroom, the teacher can interact with a wide range of students through her ideas and emotions. Virtual learning, however, depicts the teacher’s attention to the only student who is speaking and limits her to have a good discussion.

If you have ever stumbled upon this quote :
What you hear, you forget ;
What you see, you remember ;
What you do, you understand.
It clearly describes how virtual learning is. In-person classes help you understand the topic well due to spontaneous and random interactions via questions or opinions.

In developing countries, the issue of internet access has arisen due to the pandemic. In Pakistan, 65% of the population resides in rural areas with minimal or no internet access. Academic activities of students living in such areas have almost or entirely halted, another reason why in-person classrooms are at an advantage.

Virtual classes can never replace the traditional classroom environment because they display the true spirit of education. Almost everything is the same in virtual school, the teachers, the students, the courses: the only thing that is missing is the ‘atmosphere.’


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Well written :clap::clap:

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Bilkul bilkul :100:

Exactly, here online education is just a mess. No law, the thing is just going & going. No need to upgrade rather the system nor the mindset.

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Exactly… Agree with yoU :100::broken_heart:

:100: … Learning is not only restricted to books. Online teaching system can’t teach communication, interaction, confidence, speech and many more things. Interacting with peer group is vital to learn dealing with people, and in my opinion, this zoom class system is hazardous for a child’s personality development.


yes it is …well said

The deficiencies in the online system are one thing but it is made worse by the mediocre and lazy attitude of both our students and teachers. Nobody seems to take online teaching that seriously.

It really hurts to see when most of your fellow students are happy about classes going online. :roll_eyes:


Profoundly penned :+1: