We are working on the results please expect some delay


Firstly, thanks to everyone for helping each other with profile updates for the “Instagram account addition”. We like it when the community works together to help each other, that is a sign of a very healthy community, MashaAllah!

Now that you guys have updated your profile, we can continue to work on the compilation of the results. However, since before announcing the results, we have to get confirmation on our terms and condition from each winner, it can take extra time. So, kindly accept our apology and expect some delay in the result announcement.

That said, we should be able to announce our results for Week 4 by tomorrow 9 PM PKT, InshaAllah!


It’s oky. Take ur time, we will wait.

Every time.

Its great that a positive aspect is highlighted from a realy simple thing!! Btw take your time!!
Allah kresi changyan :sweat_smile:

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It’s okay take u time

Okay no problem😇