We "The Pretenders"

Why do we pretend?
We a defeated, dead, hypocritical generations pretend in order to survive. I know my words are harsh to bear but they are true.
Actually it is need of time. We have to be hypocritical in order to survive in this world or on this planet. Talking about our society where you can not breathe by your own, you can not live the way you want. Our so_called societal norms play a major role of our hypocrisy.
The biggest thing about that is a major saying I would like to quote it exactly the way we learn that is
“لوگ کیا کہیں گے”
You don’t have much money to spend on your clothes and you are invited to a rich family’s marriage course you are bound to buy such clothing so that you can stand with them with much less discomfort.
It is our need to pretend like them. I don’t think it with hypocrisy.



Yes the societal norms compel us to do something we don’t want to do. Our self and our acts mostly contradict due to LOG KIYA KAHEN GE.

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And in this way being hypothetical or pretentious is a good thing to survive. The more you pretend the more you live.

What if we become ideal instead of following always …
Happy post and bitter reality

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Idealism actually is just a concept not a reality. The only Ideal People in this world were PROPHETS.
Otherwise ideal state can’t be attained for us as human beings. We only can pretend.

Have you ever seen a little child of play group while playing with his fellows they tell each other my father is very rich man. He bought me an expensive gift on my birthday. And what their fellow says!!
They pretend more to it. Obviously unknowingly and unintentionally without having any idea about what they are asking and why they are doing so.

I feel let them do so. Let them live their lives in imagination.

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