Wedding turned into nightmare! Bride & groom fell on stage from swing during wedding


Raipur: It is wedding season in India, and couples all around the country are going to great lengths to make their nuptials unforgettable. Brides and grooms in the period of themed weddings take the lead and arrive at their wedding locations in chariots, rotating platforms, and swings. However, one such big entrance failed badly when the bride and groom were hurt after falling from a swing. Raipur, Chhattisgarh, has been on the scene of the incident.

The bride and groom can be seen in the startling footage sitting on a sophisticated oval swing-like platform to make their grand entrance look magnificent, according to Not only that, but the stage is illuminated by pyrotechnics, and background dancers execute a dance routine to greet the newlyweds. The harness suddenly snaps, causing the couple to tumble from the swing. The couple landed on the stage from a height of about 12 feet.

People, including guests and relatives of the couple, began yelling and racing towards the platform as the pair fell. The bride and groom, according to India Today, suffered minor injuries. The event management business accepted responsibility for the tragedy and offered the couple all possible assistance. After 30 minutes had passed since everything at the location had been established, the couple began their wedding ceremony.

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