What do you think, what the Experience is actually

Experience is the best teacher. Her subject , which is totally different and conceptual for us, is the great art of living. None can teach us this art. She is the strict teacher overall. She Sets hard competitions, lessons, stages in front of us and we are to deal with them without any excuse. She even punishes her naughty students for being carelessness and stupid. many youngsters don’t believe ine the past of their elders and do not seek any knowledge from their past and even do not act upon their advice, but the experience teaches them. They learn from it in different conditions. Like suffering teaches them patience and by facing danger we learn patience. We should believe that experience is such a comb, life gifts us in the situation when we are totally bald headed.
Consequently, we should respect our this teacher to live this life honourably.


Totally agree coz experience is everything.
For example,
You cannot feel the pain one is going through until and unless you put yourself in others’ shoes. You cannot feel the effort one does until you do it.
To conclude, I can that, yeah experience is a surely a great teacher

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Thanks. People usually laugh on other’s conditions when they are in lurch. But they realize the same pain when they are in the same condition. Moreover in my point of view they face the same condition in very bad manner.

Gud concept

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