What happens when you fail Mdcat! X

Fail does not mean that you are a dull student, but fail means:
First attempt in life.
Fail teach us that how to be consistant and self confident.
Our families always compare high mark students with the low one and poke them.
I was a topper of my college and thus everyone from my family expected from me that i will pass the Mdcat.But when i did not able to pass this test i heard alot of fuss.
My father said "how you do studies ? What you did when you open your books? Did you just making castle in the air ? The students who study passed their test and you !! "
My Aunties even after 2 year still they used to say that students get high marks in Fsc and become topper but still they donot pass Mdcat. They just do RATTA and wastes their time.
Every one looks at you and taunt on you .
O people ! Please donot do this i beg you all.


When someone becomes the topper of college then he or she has to get through mdcat… It’s not that difficult but any how failure happens in life… Next time u must qualify else anything can happen worse than above disgrace :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

Excuse me! If you have given mdcat and if you are a doctor or becoming a doctor!! This doesn’t mean that it’s too easy. Moreover toppers are human beings and they should be treated as humans. And if you are not a doctor or has not given the test, you should not impose your own opinion on others. If you can not calm anyone, don’t try to irritate them, because you never know through what he/she is going!! :slight_smile:


It’s not complusory that the topper have to pass mdcat. Please stop this behaviour towards toppers.

@artisto_phillic Well said !!

I Am going to attempt Mdcat this year. But luckily, there is no doctor in my family already. I get aggressive when someone taunts at me. I’ll just say them, itna shoq tha to khud bn jaaty.
Expect the best
Prepare for the worst

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Best of luck !

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Everyone has different experience. Not all the students have to go through the same situation afer failing Mdcat or after failing in life. But thats a fact 70% students used to listen taunts after failing. Sometimes their families specially parents don’t realize that their child is already going through the worse mental condition. They keep comparing their child with other’s and this thing not only lowers the self_confidence of student but also stops him to move on in life. At least parents should realize and understand the fact that ALLAH has decided the best for your child. There will be different field for you child in which he will get success. But as I said earlier not everyone goes through the same situation when I attempted mdcat first time I couldn’t succeed but my parents specially my mother kept supporting me and said “if your aim is to become doctor then try one more time otherwise move on and select another field” at that that time I was very disappointed I thought “This is not for me” but there was a moment when my father said “nothing is impossible if you will try your best. you felt me proud in every class”. in short he reminded me mine achievements which I made in my life till F.S.C. and then I decided to give one more chance but my mother used to say me during the whole year of preparation if you’ll be enrolled in any medical college its best ,if not, then I don’t want to see you disappointed and after preparing for one more year (or in society’s language after wasting one more year) I failed and margin was only 0.05% .I can’t describe that situation. I can’t describe what I felt . I failed just because of 0.05% . but ALLHAMDULILAH my parents supported me at that time too and said only one thing that profession is not for you and I still remember the motivated line which my mother said " ALLAH insano ke jaan hr kisi k hath ma nahi deta wo hr kaam k liya apny khas bndo ko chunta ha" From that day I believe ,surely, ALLAH has choosen the best for me .

I just wanna say when someone fails in life he is already demotivated please support him and stop comparing your child with other’s everyone has different IQ and passion. :blush:

Exactly i am 100% agree with you. Support of parents alter everything.

Yes. :blush: Don’t be disappointed.
There are many more things in life dear . Move on. One day your parents will feel proud of you.:blush: Best of luck :+1:

Thank you so much …:heart_eyes:

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I am now in a very good degree doing a really good job in meeting my CGPA very well but still, my parents are not satisfied. They want me to repeat MDCAT but sometimes I think it is not their fault they want me to be in a good place.

Medical test and FSC are two different platforms . we cannot say that a person doing well in FSC ill do good in test too. Luck maters a lot as per my opinion and hard work is a also important.

But they should understand us, should be our support system no matters on what post we are.

Exactly !!

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I know they should but we also should understand them obviously they know this world better. The most possible answer to their concerns is our success and one of us have to think and understand.

But success is not only in Mdcat. There are more field apart from doctor. Parents should suggest them other options too.

yeah I did not specify the success . I said success i can be anything.


Sorry!!! If I have hurted ur heart! U r very talented!!! U can do what u want!!! I haven’t gone through even my fsc. I m the student of second year from pre engineering group. I m neither doctor nor I want!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Don’t u see my splendid picture looking like a newly grown flower​:rofl: that u r telling like that to me(doctor or becoming doctor)… I will still stand firm on my comment that topper has to get through mdcat as he or she is the pride of his or her college!!! Wish u all the best! What is there getting angry about ?? Keep working hard!!! May Allah succeed u next time in the concerned test!