What is tasawuf( تصوف)?

From Professor Ahmed Rafique Akhtar.

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🎗 Ishfaq Ahmed once asked me if there is a very simple definition of Tasauf?

I told them that

If a person makes Allah his first priority with proper powers at the right time, he is a Sufi. It is not necessary that he reaches the place of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. It is not necessary that Khwaja Abu Al-Hasan becomes Shazli, it is not necessary that Let it be a Hindab. All these wishes of these positions are inappropriate. If you want to be a Sufi, the simple wish is that you don’t give Allah what he doesn’t like in your life this lesson is according to your age Old age is not the time of Allah

Allah cannot be deceived! What if you say, spend your whole life in the world’s lust, tamlq and tamarr, Zain llnas Hab Al-Shawat, you spend your whole life in Lesser priorities and God will come to you running? This can’t be done! This is insult, If someone does not find God today, the main reason is that people never seek God’s preference. You use him for your sorrows. For the separation of your beloved and wealth and wealth. You are using it. Several youngsters said to me, Professor, if I get this, I will start Tahajjud. For what?

She is more important than God.

Doesn’t a small progress in your life become God? You want to use God for Him. You think God can be deceitful. He who peeps the hearts He also knows what is in your heart and what you love him. Hide. ′′ He created you. There is a pattern of creation. The Creator can never be available at the level of creation. You will have to make a mental advice. I swear by the Lord of the Kaaba if it is If you want six billion people, you can get them, but when your preferences are not right, you will not get even a single person.

You have to set out this solution for yourself.

If you don’t give God youth, at least give him the age of puberty, wisdom and thinking. But in our early life, we don’t find Allah anywhere in Priorities. And remember one thing, all our problems are for one reason.

Allah says, ′′ What have I to punish someone See what a foolishness it is. Suddenly the creatures are coming out of dominance as if they are not to be punished. Who told you that I should punish you? If you are mine? If you are grateful and believe in me, then ′′ I am grateful to Allah Shakra Ulema (Al-Nisa, verse 147) I know and believe who is going to accept me with all my heart. Problems end. Your encounter with Allah ends.

You have done your job, let Allah do his job.

(Professor Ahmed Rafiq Akhtar)

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