What we Really mean to love

It may be just their appearance you’re attracted to and you mistakenly called it love. May be you just like to spend time with them and you named it love.
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May be you are fond of meeting new people and hanging out with them and you thought it was love. May be love is not what we have seen in most of the movies. Don’t fall in the trap of love at first sight. There exists a clear boundary between love and attraction. People usually get attracted to new comers in their life. They want to spend more time with them, know more and more about them. But at certain point they realize that their frequency isn’t matching and that attraction towards them ends or reduces a bit. This doesn’t mean they can’t have good relations as a human but they are certainly not in love. Love is when your attraction towards someone keeps on increasing or at least become constant at a very high level. Love is when their happiness matters more than their presence in your life. Love is when they are your priority and it becomes easy for you to sacrifice your happiness for the most prior one in your life. When this sacrifice starts giving you satisfaction instead of anxiety then you might be in love. Before doing or claiming to be in love start learning the meaning of love.images (1)


In order to love someone, you first need to know what love is… True.
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