What's Wrong with People? 13-year-old Maid Girl Allegedly Murdered After Rape in Lahore

Rape cases are increasing day by day. We always hear the news that girls are killed after being raped and the same thing happened again. This time, just 13-year-old innocent girl was allegedly murdered after being raped in the Hunjarwala area of Lahore.


The girl name was Kiran and she was working as a maid in the house of Qasim. She was also tortured and, according to her family members, the torture marks can be seen on her neck and arms. Her family took her body.

The mother of Kiran’s said that she was told that her daughter Kiran has jumped off the roof. In order to prove themselves innocent, the family of Qasim claimed that Kiran has committed suicide.


And guess what, they also gave 100,000 rupees to Kiran’s mother in order to bury her silently. But the police has also started the investigating of the case. Now the question is that what is wrong with these people and where are they heading to? There is no place for such kind of people.

Source: Arynews

To conclude, no one is safe ( neither a boy nor a girl) and especially the girls, so they should take care of themselves because other people like these out there are always ready to use them for their lust.

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