When A Civil-Engineer Falls In Love❤

Civil Engineering and Love, the two extremes at one place… As we know where there is love there is a way… Hence, You can write like this…

“I feel for you from the day I saw you, like cement falls for the Bricks.

As a civil engineer my foremost work is to build something, soo, i want to build a palace of love for you, Laminated with care, Masticated with responsibilities, Girders to tightly keep our love in one piece and Bolts to hold us together.

I will assure you with the Perfect Trauss of loyality. There will be no Airspace between you and me ever and there will also be an Underground Plumbing and Ventilators to outlet anything unwanted.

The architecture of my love will be cool enough to stand any Inspection. There will be an Undercoat of respect and Overcoat of trust.

I hope you will accept the BluePrint of my “Project Love” and send me a good Appraisal.

~ It’s a civil request to you to accept my proposal.”

I think this is the best thing you can write for a girl and I personally believe this will click… Wish you good luck…



Hahaha… It’s funny and amusing at the same time too… I really liked it👏

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Welcome to this community dear :dizzy:

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Thanks youuu

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Jazakallah bro

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hahhahaahah aaala dear

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Thank you so much