When I performed My first Umrah

Being a muslim what can be the most beautiful and surreal feeling than seeing the Holy Kaaba for the first time. I did my first umrah two years back. I was fortunate enough to go there and perform Umrah with my whole family and believe me it was the most beautiful experience of my life.
My eyes were full of tears and my heart was full of happiness. It was the undescribeable feeling when I see the Kaaba for the first time infront of my eyes. Everything around me was just stopped. Then we performed Umrah at night and prayed Fajar infront of Kaaba. We also went to Madina and saw Masjid e Nabvi.
Those 15 days were undoubtedly the most beautiful days of my life. And Umrah also changed alot in me religiously. Now I really wish to perform Hajj very soon. May Allah grant all of us an opportunity to visit the Holy Kaaba.Ameen❤️
Tell me If you’ve ever performed Umrah or Hajj and how was your experience in the comments.


MashAllah .!

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