WHO LOVES YOU ? (in reality)

When someone or we ourselves, ask this question, what are the general answers that come to our minds instantly?
Most of us say my family, my friends; some say my pet, married people include their spouses. Depressed people say my depression love me, some say my sleep loves me as it never leaves me alone and so on…
We all have different definitions of love… isn’t it?

But fellows, let me tell you; ALLAH LOVES YOU THE MOST…!!

Can you measure the amount of love, your mother has for you? No! right? so imagine Someone who loves you 70 times more… it’s so much. Never think that no one loves you, because Allah is there. ALWAYS! Consider that love, the most precious, valuable and important thing in your lives. Thank Him as much as possible.

No doubt, people love us too. Our parents, siblings, friends, children love us and that love is a lot too. We love them too which is a blessing Alhamdulillah. But that love is finite, because people are finite.
There are so many people around us who love us just because we love them, not because who we are. They just love the fact that we love them. Beware of them please!!!

In the end, I would say that Don’t forget to love yourself and take very good care of yourselves. :heart: