Why Antioxidants are so Important in our Daily Skin Care Routine?

Nowadays all the beauties are rushing towards the beauty products containing ANTIOXIDANTS so here is my blog to explain “Why they are so important to be in our skin care routine."


What does Antioxidant mean?

Antioxidants means those agents which works against oxidation reactions.

Now what are oxidation reactions and why they are occurring on our skin?

There are several triggers such as sunlight, UV rays, certain harmful chemicals and pollution which leads to the production of free radicals also some are produced by our body. Now these free radicals are highly reactive and rapidly goes into an oxidation reaction which may leads to inflammation, breakouts, wrinkles, damage skin and early signs of aging.


From where can we get antioxidants to protect our skin?

Naturally they are present in fruits and vegetables so it is also necessary to maintain a healthy diet for a good skin. But as we are talking about our skin care routine so there are several vitamins having anti oxidizing properties such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitaminB3, vitamin A and also coenzyme 10.

There are a bulk of beauty products available having these vitamins in combination or in pure form. You can get them in serums, toners, creams and many other forms.


Why they are so important for skin?

Vitamin C serums and other products are so widely used in these days because vitamin C has very good regenerative properties, it helps to lighten dark spots and give your skin a healthy glow. It is also used in sunscreens because it soothes the photodamage.
Vitamin E is a very good moisturizer and much recommended for dry skin it perfectly hydrates the skin. It also shows synergistic effect with vitamin C to protect the skin.

Vitamin B3 also known as Niacinamide it has very good anti-inflammatory properties so it is used to treat acne and breakouts. It is well known to improve the texture of skin and give it a fresh and healthy look.

Vitamin A commonly named as Retinol in skin care world. Retinol is known for its anti-aging properties it suppresses the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to give it a youthful look.

Coenzyme Q10 has good penetration in skin and boosts the collagen production to prevent early sings of aging.

All these prevent oxidation reactions on our skin and protect and benefit our skin in different ways, so yeah you must include the one or more anti-oxidants in your daily skin care routine according to your condition.

So which vitamin are you guys using?


Antioxidants as part of skin care is very important. A good skincare routine with minimal products can prove beneficial in the long run if started in early 20s for both men and women. Good job :clap:


Thank you for appreciation :blush:

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