Why are we just talking about rights of Women?Why Not Men?Thing Every man heard

Men suffer too.Men also have feelings.Men are always generalized and blamed in every aspect.When there is bad there is also some good too.
Its a bitter phase of our society that we always have a problems with every person either its a man or woman or trangender ,we people critiscized them in every aspect of life.Why? I repeat Why?This is just because we can’t see someone growing and rising?

we ll always highlights flaws of our opposite gender and ll consider ourselves better than them.
First of all We are all Humans.
And everyone should be equally treated.Second of all Not all Men are same.So stop violating their lives.
I have came through majority of blogs through which i came to know that majority of men are dying because They dont have engineering or Medical degree.DEGREE CANT BUY SOMEONE HAPPINESS :zipper_mouth_face:
Sometimes Uneducated (illiterate)man will treat you much better than educated one.
Why are we just talking about Rights of Women?Why Not Men?We are nothing without them🙄Okay I know We girls suffers a lot and in this generation we all want to be iñdependent But what about Allah’s plans?He already revealed That man is a garment to his Wife.Both are still not equal in Islam.

Believe me Man suffers a lot.They also have feelings .They know their responsibilities.They are strong pillars of our family like father,Husband .

Men are much stronger than us MasahAllah Thats the reason Why Allah the REHMAN sent His Messengers As men Not as WomenSUBHANaALLAH :heart:Why cant we see this,?

Please respect your opposite Gender​:heart:He is a provider ,A protector, A leader,And a teacher :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And More and More​:heart: Look through the struggle of your father And then you ll realize everything . Give RESPECT Earn RESPECT​:heart_eyes:More power :slight_smile: Remember me in your prayers :slight_smile:


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You have raised an important question…:clap:

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Gender equality means, equality for everyone.

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Thanks a lot dear

Hope my effort has a fruit May everyone in this society understand my message

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My pleasure​:blush::innocent:

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Yeah exactly such a strong depiction of bitter reality

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@Irum_Ismail can you share when we stop the writing of content & when the results will announce?

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Yea that’s true :+1: but no one talks about it .

idk u can ask from @FrontPage.PK

Same question in my mind

And one more thing they hear after stepping into the world that
"Rona nahi hai, mard bano! ", which later on awakes evil inside him when he grow up :eyes:


Omg yeah i forgot this line thanks a lot btw

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It’s really good that you understand the problems faced by boys too :relaxed:


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