Why so Judgemental?

“Did you see how tan she has become”

“What guy wears PINK?!?!”

“How do you allow your daughter to go on a trip with friends? I could NEVERRR”

“You’re a guy. Don’t cry like a baby girl”

“You should definitely do something about your weight”

“No I’m not body shaming you it’s just not healthy”

Okay Thankyou ma’am/sir, but it’s just that I have a medical condition that I don’t like everybody to know about because firstly it’s personal. And secondly, I don’t want everybody to shift from suggesting me DIYs on how to lose weight to suggesting me to “get it checked” “do something about it”. It already effects my mental health a lot that I have such condition and believe me you, your constant condescending comments lift my spirit to “do something about it” and doesn’t make me insecure at all. :slight_smile: Thank you so much tears of joy

I just don’t get it. Why is it our business what someone looks like, what someone does, what someone WANTS to do in the first place. We don’t owe anybody anything, at-least NOT THE COMMENTS about their appearance or their activities.

How about we start minding our own business, we start doing our own thing. We start focusing on ourselves. This world would become a much better place.


Hope so , we learn about that how should be lived in our own business.
Actually, this is not only judgement, this is criticism,Shit thoughts.Its all spread negativity and mental-illness😕
People don’t notice what they’re doing but they’ve to poke their nose in others matters.
You hit a good topic.
Well done dude!:raised_hands:

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This is only thing i love to spend Time alone :pleading_face:


Thank you!! :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And yes!! these are the root causes of mental problems and stress in our society. But people just don’t understand :woman_facepalming:

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Saba dear,
Iska hargiz ye mtlab nhi ke hum logo se milna julna chor de, friends na banae ,kise se baat na kre, bus iska mtlab ye he ke hum criticism, negativity ye ab na spread kre.
Lemme give you an example;
Apki aik friend kise din boht pyari lg rhi ho ap use kaha ,looking good.
Kabhi koi acha kaam kre,use appreciate kre.
•Kise ki kahi koi help kre usko bate that you’ve done good job.

Bus point ye he ke hum log ye positivity chor ke jb koi achà kaam krta use appreciate krte nhi or jb wahi shaks choti se galti ya bura kaam krde hum us ke baare me pta nhi kya kya sochne lg jate or bura bhala khte…bus ise ki baat ho rhi

Stay Happy,:heart_eyes:

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Very well said. This is the kind of positive mentality that this world needs :raised_hands:

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