Why the new generation is addicted to kdrama and Kpop (BTS and BlACKPiNK..)

You will listen people saying 1775684126|433x280](upload://7E15HcgHrk8dG7w0JITYQh6zLuL.jpeg)
And the addiction to famous bands like BTS and BLACKPINK is also increasing day by day .
Why people love them ?
Me also like BTS and the reason is that they help you to change the directions of your thinking :thinking: like i 2016 or 2015 when the teenagers want different standardized music and motivational lyrics it was BTS who produced that kind of stuff at that era so their fanbase is very strong and is the largest fanbase in the whole world

People of every age love kpop the reason is that they are investing very much money on their entertainment industry or drama industry .They capture the view and they trained the groups by both singing ,raping and dancing .
They have unique talents that capture the interest of new childrean while Blackpink also have many fan because they showed the side of women that mostly people dont care of .So their song is of different styles and not only on the topic of love , break-up etc
Other bands like twice ,got7 ,exo and many others are also very popular.
Bts play their role in Gdp to almost 3-3.5%

When you will listen to any of their songs you will definately understand the reason ( cinematography ,music standard ,talents and most dance and lyrics ) all are superb and you can get most of your career motivation from them by seeing their the other side as the rookie or the trainee .
Some popular songs for different tastes (not today ,On ,kill this love ,love scenario ,love shot ,monster,yes or yes, idol ,mic drop ,boy with love there are alot of …it depends on your taste .
Why don’t you also try some new songs and drama .Kdrama industry is also the same very popular and produced many different dramas that have action ,mystery , fantasy ,romance, comedy ,criminals etc.you have to find a drama that fits your taste.
Many popular kdramas are (W two worlds, Scarlet heart,Memories of Alhambra ,Hotel deluna , Uncontrollably fond , What’s wrong with secratory kim and K2 and Healer) type dramas having political stories .
Have you also tried any if dont then can ask here…

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It depends what you like …no matter Pakistani dramas or korean drams both have their own qualities also goes same for the songs .